We deliver transportation solutions that reduce costs, add discipline and eliminate uncertainties associated with freight management.

Carrier Management

We proactively manage carrier operations, deliveries and rates. We track changes in freight class and regularly re-assess and negotiate relationships to ensure predictable and competitive costs. We also track performance among carriers to help optimize carrier selection.

Control Tower

Our Transportation Control Towers are the nerve center of our global operation. Around the clock our Global and Regional towers monitor your real-time live orders and inventory transitions, and provide handling management, and delivery oversight of your inventory from anywhere in the world.

System Integrations

Our single global platform seamlessly integrates with client systems (ERP, CRM, Salesforce, Oracle, etc.), as well as with our transportation partners, and is constructed with world class business continuity so unplanned events won’t negatively impact your business.

Rating Engine

We employ a proprietary algorithm for each shipment to identify and select an optimal carrier based upon origin, destination, service level requirements and cost. A key feature of our rating engine is its ability to leverage multiple rate cards during the selection.

Field Tech Communications

Choice can provide automated part ETA updates to your Field Technicians through various options including text (SMS) messages and email. The updates can include order number, ETA (in local time) and delivery address.

Service Sync

Service Sync offers GPS tracking and event management. It provides real-time updates for shipments originating from Choice. Drives are tracked from dispatch, providing location updates on a map with dynamic ETAs. Additional features include auditing and automated notifications.