Data Storage & Servers

When devices go down, industry leaders rely upon Choice Logistics for the critical parts service professionals need to get them running again, quickly. We provide competitive advantage to this industry by delivering the most critical parts and replacement hardware where and when it’s needed.

Security & Detection

Security has become ubiquitous in modern society. Cameras, sensors, and other monitoring and storage devices must be maintained 24/7/365. We provide mission critical parts and related transportation and delivery services to the service providers who keep this industry up and running.

Transportation & Infrastructure

World class infrastructure requires world class logistics service. The companies who build railways, roads, airports, and bridges β€” and the transport companies who serve them β€” rely on Choice Logistics for timely delivery of mission critical equipment and parts.

Medical Device & Equipment

When devices and equipment are called upon or required to save lives, they must be in good repair and top-quality condition. We support the those who ensure the efficacy of this equipment with supply chain services designed specifically around the needs of this industry.

Networking & Telecom

Increases in competition have led to greater quality and price sensitivity in the networking and telecommunications industry. We help these clients optimize their supply chains and operate more efficiently in order to meet demand and optimize business performance.

POS & Office Automation

When point of sale systems are down, commerce stops. We keep systems up and running with replacement parts delivered, often within just hours of a problem. We also stock and deliver replacement parts for office automation equipment, to keep repair and service networks running smoothly.

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility companies have round-the-clock needs for mission critical parts. We help maximize uptime with logistics programs designed to support anytime, anywhere delivery of the parts these companies need in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

Financial Services

Modern logistics services are indispensable to the financial services industry. We ensure the smooth flow of financial data and the availability of equipment supporting transactions and financial exchange with mission critical parts and logistics services.

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