Our Difference

World-class supply chain

Our technology offers clients a single, global platform for managing supply chains. The proprietary nature of our software allows for client specific customization. We meet challenges with specific solutions, instead of trying to fit a client’s unique need into a predetermined configuration. Our cloud-based technology enables clients to go mobile with ease, benefitting from visibility and transparency, from anywhere they do business — on any device.

Our clients benefit from stronger integration with supply chain partners. Our agnostic approach to protocols, data formats, and messaging supports tightly integrated relationships and safe exchange of high-value, high-volume data. Our platform puts every supply chain participant on the same page, streamlining order processes, ensuring inventory alignment, and optimizing efficiencies.

Connecting clients, carriers, transportation vendors, and other supply chain participants — along with capturing data from every interaction — allows our clients to benefit from actionable intelligence and unprecedented forecasting and decision support.

Key Components

Warehouse Management
Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) increases visibility and substantially reduces the potential for lost inventory. Our clients benefit from optimized supply chain inventories, reduced warehousing costs, and enhanced labor utilization. We reduce or eliminate the need for expedited deliveries.

Transportation Management
Our Transportation Management System (TMS) leverages data to ensure quality and reduce transport costs. Our clients track inventory in real time, using the necessary data to provide an extraordinary level of information and service to their customers.

By combining WMS and TMS we create precise and accurate records of every supply chain transaction. Our clients have perfect information regarding where items are located, when they’re picked up, where they are in transit, and when they arrive. This injects discipline and accountability into supply chains and results in greater supply chain efficiency.

Business Intelligence
We offer unparalleled visibility into both real time live orders and historical transactions through a centralized, modern, web-based interface which provides flexible dashboard analysis and standard and custom reporting.

This data transparency enables Choice and our clients to be more proactive and predictive in managing orders — and to find ways to implement process improvements. Clients can analyze activity and financials from numerous perspectives, including performance, geography, 360-degree inventory views and carrier/service.