Choice solutions are built and customized to satisfy client requirements. Our proprietary systems are based on a “single global platform” concept, whereby all components are integrated throughout our business, which provides a holistic perspective into the transportation and inventory management process, and allows for enhanced and robust actionable business intelligence.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our TMS is the nerve center of our global solution. This user-friendly, web-based platform allows you to track deliveries, and manage the storage and handling of inventory from anywhere in the world. The TMS seamlessly integrates into legacy systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) via EDI, XML, web services, etc. With world class business continuity, unplanned events won’t negatively impact your business.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Choice developed a unique proprietary WMS platform that is easily utilized by its vast global network of warehouse partners to unify the management of inventory supply chain within a single Choice solution, which is fully integrated with our TMS and complementary services.

Business Intelligence

We offer unparalleled visibility into both “live” orders and “historical” transactions through a web- based interface. This transparency enables clients to better manage orders and understand how they are spending money. With speed and efficiency, clients can look at individual or aggregated orders by geography, service, carrier, and date range.

Carrier Rating Engine

We employ a proprietary algorithm for each shipment to identify and select an optimal carrier based upon origin, destination, service level requirements and cost. A key feature of our rating engine is its ability to leverage multiple rate cards during the selection.

Service Sync

Service Sync offers GPS tracking and event management. It provides real-time updates for shipments originating from Choice. Drives are tracked from dispatch, providing location updates on a map with dynamic ETAs. Additional features include auditing and automated notifications.

Global Trade Solutions (GTS)

Our GTS solutions include a comprehensive collection of global trade regulations and regulatory knowledge of over 200+ countries and territories, which organizes and maintains updated customs data from around the globe, regardless of location or language.