How Choice Logistics is responding to the Coronavirus

April 1, 2020

Choice’s business provides essential services to hospitals, government agencies, banks and critical infrastructure all over the world, in all our communities. Choice is proud to help the world combat and respond to this crisis. Choice’s continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic has focused on preserving service in spite of an expanding array of national, state, and local government restrictions. We are proud to report that 95% of our global network remains operational. Choice’s individual service partners are essential businesses providing services to essential infrastructure and, on this basis, much of the network has been exempt from many government orders that have impacted other industries.

Choice has taken a proactive approach to supporting our partner network providing our partners with the guidance they require to navigate a complex and fluid regulatory environment based on the facts specific to any given location. However, the on-going impact of COVID-19, and increasingly strict governmental response continues to create the risk of service disruption inside of our partner network. Choice remains focused on providing accurate and thorough updates as the situation evolves. Please note that outside of broad based government action we still anticipate delays in processing times due to social distancing measures, decreased flight volume, law enforcement check points, slowdowns in customs processing, and broad local curfews.

As we continue to fight this global pandemic, we are working with our clients which represent a multitude of industries including, but not limited to, medical, security and detection, networking and telecommunications servicing essential infrastructure such as hospitals, governments and data centers.

Choice is working in collaboration with our clients to creatively and proactively develop and deploy business continuity measures including the following:

  • Creating transparency on multitier supply chains, establishing a list of critical components, determining the origin of supply, and identifying alternative methods of transport, for example, how to bring goods from China to USA as FedEx has recently stopped all services on this lane.
  • Estimating available inventory along the value chain–including spare parts and after-sales stock–for use as a bridge to keep production running and enable delivery to customers.
  • Assessing realistic final-customer demand and responding to stock piling behavior of end customers.
  • Optimizing production and distribution capacity to ensure employee safety and ensuring our vendors follow Choice’s Coronavirus Protocol.
  • Identifying and securing logistics capacity, estimating capacity and accelerating, where possible, and allowing flexibility of transportation mode, when required.
  • Moving parts to multiple locations in case one SSL is forced to close.
  • Executing same day drives in the event a carrier cannot complete delivery to a specific address.

With our client centric attitude, thirst for innovation and willingness to always do the right thing, we will continue to assist our clients as they provide critical and essential services during this pandemic.

Be safe. Be well.


Matthew McKeever
Chief Executive Officer