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April 30, 2021
WAYNE, PA — Robb Porter, Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officer of Choice Logistics, announced today the appointment of Patrick White to Senior Vice President, Client Services —… Read Release  
March 30, 2020
Choice Logistics Chief Executive Officer Matthew McKeever announced this month that the company has named Robb Porter as its Chief Customer Officer. Read Release  
February 25, 2020
Choice Logistics Executive Chairman Michael Katz announced this month that the company has named Matthew McKeever as its Chief Executive Officer. Read Release  
September 30, 2020
Finding the very best talent is often a holy grail for management teams. Here are three steps HR professionals can take right now to attract top talent. Read Article  
September 2, 2020
At Choice Logistics, we are developing innovative technologies to advance and empower our supply chain services, and pushing the envelope with how we leverage technology. Here are some ways innovation can transform global logistics. Read Article  
August 12, 2020
Gen Z now accounts for nearly one-third of the global population and one-quarter of the global workforce. As it turns out, Gen Z is proving to be quite different from the generation before it. Read Article  
August 5, 2020
We may not know precisely what’s next; yet, we can see enough change on the horizon to name a few trends that will shape business for the next ten years. Read Article  
July 28, 2020
What will human resources look like in the coming decade?  Here are seven trends to look out for — and how they will reshape the HR profession over the next ten years. Read Article  
April 1, 2020
Choice’s business provides essential services to hospitals, government agencies, banks and critical infrastructure all over the world, in all our communities. Read Article